Reporting Channel

Always in line with the best practices of Corporate Governance & Management, Iteris provide employees and all stakeholders with this exclusive channel for reporting any concerns or issues about possible incidents of harassment, discrimination, safety violation, fraud, irregularity, or any other violation of the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, Policies and Regulations, as well as any information about any possible non-compliance with legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the company’s businesses, including cyber security and data protection provisions.
Regardless the nature of violation, reports will be treated and investigated on a strictly confidential and impartial basis. Those who report any violation will be protected from retaliation and all reports will be analyzed in a timely, independent and confidential manner through a structured process monitored by the company’s executives.

You can file your report anonymously pursuant to the law. However, the minimum necessary information is required to allow a proper investigation on the accuracy of any reported event.

It is important to highlight that this Reporting Channel is not intended for filing complaints, suggestions, compliments or any other purpose, but to communicate possible violations. For complaints, suggestions and compliments, please access our website at or call us at 1-470-231-0845.